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What's up with the symbols?

The idea behind this collection of symbols comes from Maki Kaji, the Japanese entrepreneur known as "The Godfather of Sudoku" who began making all of his puzzles using this simple formula and also found its application to much of life:


Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? These primary questions we are taught as children frame how we engage with life's inevitable unknowns. 

The forward arrow represents the energy that follows the question guiding us through a journey of discovery and exploration.


The Eureka moment where we find the answer to the question. 

This simple three-step formula is applied by everyone both consciously and unconsciously. Almost immediately after I first discovered it, I knew that it would be deeply meaningful to me. I have found its application to be simultaneously simple, complex and profound, much like being alive. 

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In Professor Tim Cynova's course "The Culturally Competent Leader & Inclusive Workplace" we were charged with identifying, defining, and sharing the values that drive us.

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A Creative Leadership Praxis

A Commitment Statement is developed from thoughtful, well-written reflections in response to the following questions:

  • How will I know if I am moving toward this commitment?

  • What gets in the way?

  • What actions will I take?

  • What will be my practices?

  • Who is offering support & accountability?

  • What else is important to say?

Bio & Personal Statement: About
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