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Mod. 1.1 - Capstone Components

In a follow up to our In Community Session, I am asking you to summarize your initial (nascent) thinking / current progress with the various components of your Capstone in a shared slide deck. The slide deck is divided into 4 sections (outlined below) and, within each section, you each have a slide. Write a few sentences and add an image as prompted for each slide inviting your input on the following:

  1. Community Change Project Slide: Why (Desired / Catalyzed Change & Unlearning), With/For Whom, What,

  2. Thought Leadership: Audience, Topic, Goal

  3. Participatory Learning Experience: Solo or Paired, For Whom, Sharing What Knowledge

  4. Manifesto-Handbook (Portfolio): Status, Assessments, and Audience (This slide also asks that you share a link to your portfolio-in-progress and any password.)

  5. How is the whole greater than the sum of the parts? How do these pieces fit together for you?


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