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Mod. 2.2 - Progressive Leadership; Craft a Theory of Change


A theory of change is a set of assumptions that are the basis for deliberate interventions (see four-part resource by Annie E. Casey Foundation).

Consider a project that you are or have been actively involved in. Craft a theory of change. How does your thinking relate to AECF and/or Miki Kashtan’s three shifts? Choose a format that works for you to make explicit your assumptions as well as tell the story of intent-action-impact.


I chose Audience Development as the problem to address for my Theory of Change. I tried to map out a direction that would lead to Radical Change by incorporating Miki Kashtan’s Three Shifts framework. As I was mapping my Intent, Action, and Impact, I found myself applying the Three Shifts to each of those elements. Whether or not I did so successfully, I will let you all be the judge.

This was a challenging assignment because I found myself having trouble distinguishing between terms and how to organize them logically in a process map. What I learned along the way is that change work is hard work, and it requires intentionality, thoughtfulness and clarity.

Trying to address a challenge like Audience Development through this framework in a limited amount of time was perhaps too large of an endeavor to take on, but I found the work helped meet my expressed desire for assignments that are directly applicable to my real life work.

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