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Mod. 4.1 - Team Project Collaboratively Design a Resilient Regenerative Organization

In this module, you will work both in groups and independently to design a resilient regenerative organization, which includes a regenerative leadership model looking at these Driving Questions:

  • What might a resilient regenerative organization look like?

  • What might leadership for regenerative sustainability look like?

So far in this course you've had an immersive overview of Regenerative Thinking, a whirlwind tour of Sustainability, and then an exploration of Regenerative Sustainability Thinking, Leadership, and Organizations. In Module 4 you get to start applying what you've learned. Module 4 will take you two weeks to compete.

In Part 1, you and your team will use the Three Horizons Model to design a resilient regenerative organization. You will need to use your team work skills to coordinate who does what as well as if/when you meet. Before the end of the week, each of you will also do your own Leaders Q&A journal entry.

In Part 2, the two teams will review each other's work and then have a real-time online discussion using "deep questioning". After that, each of you will create your own Strategic Program of Change.


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