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Mod. 5.5 - The Natural Paradigm (In Your Words)

You've read about The Natural Paradigm and observed and reflected on how it shows up in your life. Using the Natural Paradigm, in your Words Worksheet Download Natural Paradigm, in your Words Worksheet (or your own journal), write brief descriptions for each of the elements of the Natural Paradigm in your own words.

Add words or expressions in the boxes next to each element that make sense to you, or that represent triggers for that element. You might find that the same word(s) fit in more than one box. Again, this makes sense as everything in Nature is interconnected and interdependent. This is Your Natural Paradigm! You are encouraged to revisit, revise, or refine this over time.




We are really excited to share this with others; It’s been amazing to see this work develop and grow; We use “We” instead of “I”; How can we help? We’re making the pie bigger!


We are seeing this kind of work happening all over; There are a lot of parallels in their work and ours; We are always looking for more people to get involved; Collaboration over Competition.


This will help the effort move forward even after all of us are gone; We want everyone to have this; This was such a smooth transition, thank you!; We are really excited to share this with others.


This is an area I am not very familiar with, and I’m excited to get to learn more; I wonder...; So what are y’all doing?; What areas can be improved?; I’d love to learn more about your work.


Do you want to see how it works?; What do you think?; Does this make sense to you?; We are really excited to share this with others; What would help you be successful?


None of this is actually new; I am so glad you asked!; What areas can be improved?; We are open to lots of different ideas and ways of doing things here; We’ve got this!; Is there anything I can do to help?

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