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Mod. 8 - Decentralization Case Study

Create a plan to coach an organization to decentralize.

This is a synthesis assignment. You will assess the potential and outline a plan to coach an organization to decentralize. Write a 3-5 page "case study." Rather than an academic write up, think of this more like writing a story or play. You are the consultant (leader) help a group to navigate this change journey. It's a chance for you to share what you've learned throughout the semester about content (purpose, decision making, psych safety etc. etc.) as well as org. transformation.

Be sure to address the following components —

  • Choose an organization/matter of concern as your case study. It can be where you work, an organization you’re involved with such as a nonprofit or place of worship or I am happy to work with you to select an alternative.

  • Secure permission to assess the organization for academic purposes.

  • The purpose of the assignment is to assess where the organization is today as relates to the themes of the course and make recommendations for interventions to support them to make progress toward decentralization.It is important to address the ‘why,’ ‘what,’ and ‘how’ of the transformation process.

  • Sense making - what do you notice as the current context and framework for work? How do you approach sense making?

  • Purpose, principles and strategy - why is decentralizing beneficial? Or, why not?

  • What are the leverage points for intervention? Practices? Processes? Other alternatives? Consider issues such as DEIJ, culture etc.

  • Outline your plan to intervene.

  • How will you define success?


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