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The 2-Curve View: Expressing Forces of Change as Big Shifts

Refine your preliminary sketch of the Forces of Change (big picture) from Activity 1.3 (last week) by adopting a 2-curve view; try to express the macro-level forces of change you have identified as a series of 'Big Shifts', from X1 to Y1, from X2 to Y2, etc. (e.g., Focus and effort in technology is shifting from mechanical engineering to biological engineering)

In addition to the prompts that guided you last week, apply the 2-curve view to the GNH domain that interests you most (from Reflection 2.1 this week) to better focus your sense of the Big Shifts that are likely to be most relevant to your future.

There are no rules as to how many Forces of Change / Big Shifts are needed or desirable in a foresight exercise, but a set of about 5-7 is a general guideline that balances between the need for multiple perspectives (texture) and keeping the view at a macro-level (centrality).

Submit your Big Shifts as a series of "From ___________ To ___________" entries in the text entry box provided, or in a Google Doc.



From: To:

1. Hierarchical Org. Charts 1. Ecological Org. Charts

2. Finding Work 2. Finding Purpose

3. Survival of the Fittest 3. Prosperity for the People

4. Stability through Rigidity 4. Stability through Flexibility

5. One Size Fits All 5. One Size Fits One

6. “This is how we’ve always done things.” 6. “We’re trying new ways of doing things.”

7. Limited Binary Frameworks 7. Exploring New Intersectionalities

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