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Mod. 1.1 - Case Project & Change Frameworks

This week’s PowerPoint slides introduce you to the Western change framework below. Consider the case project you’ve identified and confirm whether it represents an effort to advance transformational change by reflecting on the extent to which it engages the bottom-most levers of deep culture, including the paradigm and worldviews that give rise to your issue of concern. Document the following details about the example you’ve chosen:

  • Name of the example

  • Your current role within this example

  • The overarching aim of this work, e.g., the emergent reality it aims to bring about.

  • What makes this example complex and how does it differ from other types of change?

  • Where in the change process are you? For example, you have not yet started, are midway, etc.

To get you started, please reflect on the following prompts and add details to each side of the diagram:

Left Side — Key characteristics of the existing system or situation requiring transformational change:

  1. What are some of the key characteristics of the example you’ve selected? Consider the levers to the left in the above diagram. How would you characterize each of these today? Which do you think are helping or hindering change?

  2. More specifically, how would you describe the existing paradigm, or culture, from which this issue grows? What does this suggest about what the existing system values?

Remember, a paradigm reflects answers to the following fundamental questions:

  • Who and what has value?

  • What do we aspire to become?

  • How will we organize ourselves accordingly

Right Side — Key characteristics of the system to which you aspire:

  1. What are some of the key characteristics of the future to which you are working? Once again, please consider the levers to the left in the above diagram. What will these look like in your aspired future? How will this shifts help to support and sustain transformations towards justice?


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