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Mod. 2.1 - Earth-centric Cosmologies & Western Change Framework

This week, I’d like you to continue reflecting on your case project and adding details to your transformational change framework. Select one of the Earth-centric cosmovisions featured this week and reflect on the following —

  • What aspects of this worldview excite you?

  • How does it complement and contrast with your own?

  • What happens when you look at your case project through this lens?

Now, take a closer look at the middle and upper levels described to the far left of the Change Framework Diagnostic Tool, particularly social arrangements and power dynamics, as well as patterns of practice or behavior. Please reflect on the following prompts, add relevant details to your framework and document your associated reflections. Be sure to place yourself within the context of your case project and consider the range of stakeholders involved —

  • Who does the current system benefit? How? Who does your work to advance change intended to benefit? How?

  • How would you characterize existing relationships between these groups? How do existing conditions contribute to these qualities?

  • What would you like relationships between these groups to look like? What might help or hinder this vision from being realized? For example, how might other levers need to change to contribute positively?

  • Where do you sit within these relationships today? How would you like to be in relationships with the groups you’ve named? What can support you in realizing that vision?


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