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Mod. 10.1 - Story of Now

Draft your Story of Now and make a 3-5 minute audio or video recording by Saturday at 10pm and then on Sunday engage with others' Stories of Now and share reflections.

Draft Your Story of Now

Your Story of Now is the place to articulate how you want to be in community with others in a liberatory future. First, expand the scene you brought to our in-community session. Consider how this scene lays out the pressing conditions you seek to ameliorate through work and/or organizing. Include your metaphor!

Reflect explicitly on how this scene epitomizes an aspect of the larger moment. Why is now a catalyzing moment for you and your communities to make change?

Next, articulate your alternative vision. What is the future you believe we must build? Try to make this concrete to your audience. What would it feel like to live in a world where this was accomplished?

Record a 3-5 minute version of your Story of Now incorporating the above elements.

When we are together in August, we will work on how to connect all three stories into a cohesive Public Narrative but feel welcome to start to braid these threads together in your Story of Now draft.


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