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Mod. 12 Reflection - Seeding & Scaling

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

From Ideas to Action — Based on your prototyping phase you have had a chance to learn by doing and identifying similar concepts to make yours distinctive as well as reduce risk and fix fatal weak spots. In the Seeding/Scaling phase you will convert your idea into action via concrete steps.

Reflect on the following prompt: How might you seed your concept (in real life or hypothetically) in a way that the concept can be nurtured to scale? What would you define as success when it comes to your concept in its ideal state? Are you envisioning local, regional, or global impact and why?


For me to seed "You're Welcome Here!", the concept needs to be easily applicable and executed by other immigrant and refugee resettlement groups and orgs. For it to be nurtured to scale, decision makers at those orgs need to see the concept's value immediately and know how to implement it within their org right away. To make that happen, I need to provide a pitch deck that outlines the steps and resources needed to make Welcome Events happen regularly. A key user in the "You're Welcome Here!" pipeline are interpreters who are communicating directly with immigrants and refugees in their native tongues. The feedback they provide will represent the refugee's experience internally that will then be analyzed and the results shared with the stakeholders.

Success for me looks like refugees actively participating in Welcome Events and sharing about their experience with interpreters who provide answers to a survey or recorded interview designed to demonstrate the impact of the events to You're Welcome Here! staff and eventually stakeholders. Creating a replicable pipeline to generate feedback from Welcome Events by interpreters will allow me to refine the concept more and more to make it as effective and efficient as possible to then build a model that can be scaled by other groups. Because the concept can be applied to any immigrant or refugee community, the playbook can be seeded and scaled by any number of groups at the local, state, federal and international level.


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