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Mod. 2 Activity - Sharing Leadership, Power, and Decision Making

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Create an influence map for your organization.

Copy this Google Slide template to then draft an influence map for your team or organization. What in this maps to the official org chart and what doesn’t? Do some people without hierarchical power hold more influence than those in those formal positions? How does this influence map change depending on the type of work you’re doing? What are external versus internal forces that change the influence map?


Complete your personal User Manual. I love that for this exercise you can literally phone a friend or former coworker to ask them how they’d answer a question about you. And often, they likely will be more accurate in how you actually approach your work. In the past few years with the rise of hybrid work, the User Manual has become a great tool for each member of a team to complete, then share and discuss with their team members. It’s a collection of one’s defaults and preferences, not necessarily how they will be able to work together, but the insights offered are especially valuable when you can glean those things by simply observing someone in the office.

Complete your Distributed Leadership assessment. How ready might your organization be towards sharing leadership and power? Use this quick assessment to identify and reflect on the ways you’re currently practicing leadership and structure leadership opportunities across generations.

Complete the Core Behavioral Values exercise.

When I first came across this approach to articulating core behavioral values I was really blown away by it. Up to that point, I thought you needed an outside consultant and a lot of time to figure these out. While not perfect, I find this is a “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” approach. By going through this relatively easy process, I’ve found many teams and organizations – often for the very first time – finally have a shared tool that helps in aligning what behaviors moves the organization forward, and what behaviors don’t.

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