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Mod. 6.1 - Learning Portfolio Synthesis & Poster

Having spent time this week compiling your portfolio and spending time mining it, I now want you to consider the choice you have made about who your portfolio will be for (you and this learning community, a select public, a wider public). How would you articulate the portfolio's purpose and therefore how do you want to shape it and organize it over the next couple of months so that it can fulfill that purpose?

In terms of the first question, you might begin by thinking about the following;

  • Would you most like to have a resource that you can reference for inspiration, how-to’s, and ongoing learning as you continue to work in the world? Or would you most like to create something that you can use as a tool for sharing insights and learning with others?

In either case (whether your portfolio will ultimately be a tool for you, or for you plus others) you need to turn in by mid-August a learning portfolio that shows and reflects upon your work in the program. However, the audience will affect how you shape your portfolio in the coming weeks. For instance, aiming your work at a wider / larger audience suggests a level of abstraction, more curation, content organized around something other than your courses (which would not be meaningful for those outside of the program) and likely more attention to the aesthetics and navigation of your portfolio.

Once you have decided on your audience and purpose of your portfolio then consider the renovations you want to make between now and Aug 11 when you will submit your final learning portfolio. How do you want to re-organize content, curate what gets brought to the foreground and what moves to the archives, add visuals, and perhaps adjust typography, color palette, or other elements so that it is something that you enjoy spending time with, or that others will enjoy exploring.

By Sunday, upload a digital “poster” or something similar to this discussion that conveys in both text and image who your portfolio will be for, what it will be for, and this renovation work you want to do. Make something that will be a useful and inspiring guide for you over the next two months. By poster I basically mean something with both graphics and text that serves as a kind of vision board / communication tool for your goals. Feel free to take it in any direction you like, just create something visual that is inspiring and gets you thinking about where you want to take the site so that by the time August 11 arrives you have created something you are proud of and that serves its purposes.


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