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Mod. 7.1 - Workshop Design Sketch

Have completed the lesson and optional activities as needed, develop an initial sketch of your workshop. Somethings you will need to think about:

  • What will you need to share and do with participants to foster meaning-making / learning?

  • How will you assess that meaning-making / learning?

  • How do you want to begin in order to ensure everyone feels safe, comfortable, and enthused to learn?

If you need to, go back and re-watch the video on Best Practices in Workshop Design to make sure you have made intentional decisions regarding each of the major factors the instructor raises.

Share Your Work: Create a Google Slide Deck or another kind of document that provides an overview of your workshop. From this document or deck I should be able to clearly discern:

  • How this workshop relates to the Creative Leadership Program (i.e. you are clearly sharing something you have learned in this program with others, perhaps with your own spin).

  • Vision & values (why, whom, and what principles will be centered in how the workshop is realized?)

  • Evidence of learning / meaning-making (What is the learning / meaning-making / other outcome you hope to see and the activity you have in mind to assess learning / meaning-making?)

  • A napkin sketch of the major activities of the workshop (its structure), with a clear beginning in which you bring everyone into the gathering in a good way; a middle in which you are actively facilitating learning; and an ending in which you are assessing learning and then bringing things to a close.

  • Reflections on the ideal location for this workshop and the approximate amount of time you think will be necessary for each section.

Submit your V1 Workshop Design to the Discussion so everyone can view and consider your ideas. If this is a joint workshop be sure the names of all individuals appear on the cover slide with your working title.


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