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Mod. 8.1 - Story of Us Revision

To Do — Complete the steps of the assignment and then share your anecdote to this discussion as a video recording.

Step 1

Read “Learning the Grammar of Animacy” by Robin Wall Kimmerer and optionally listen to Feminist Freedom Warriors Interview with Margo Okazawa-Rey. Consider how a Story of Self merges into a Story of Us (and goes on the grapple with the present conditions in the world).

Step 2

Return to your reflections from last summer about generative communities you have been a part of. Again, you can choose to explore a story about family, a neighborhood, a queer community, an ethnic, racial or religious community, a group of activists or colleagues, a social group, etc. Whatever binds this group of people together, in your storytelling, be sure to highlight examples of the shared experiences and/or values that help to form this community. Communities are complex and, in your storytelling, you are welcome to explore any aspect you choose: why is this community important to you? How does your community celebrate together or support one another? What are challenges or struggles your community faces? What internal conflicts within your community?

Step 3

The Story of Us is the bridge between your origin story and your articulations about the present moment and future. Why are you in long-term solidarity with your us? How do they both inform your values and the urgency you feel to co-create change in the world? “For whom are we accountable and for what are we responsible?”

Step 4

As with your Story of Self, we will start with an anecdote of about ~500 words or less. Craft a scene that vividly illustrates a community YOU are a part of. Record yourself reading your anecdote and post it to this discussion.

Step 5

Meet up again with your partner on your own time and bring your written anecdotes for your Stories of Us. Read your Story of Us anecdotes out loud to one another and share with one another what is most compelling.


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