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Mod. 9.1 - Story of Self (Revision)

Revise your stories and make new 3-5 minute audio or video recordings of each one.

Story of Self Revision

Revise your Story of Self based on the above activity and the feedback in the in-community session. Re-record a final draft of 3-5 minutes in length.

New Story of Us

Transform your us-anecdote into the bridge of your Public Narrative. Following your anecdote, write a brief reflection on why this community drives your desire to make change in the world. Whatever binds this group of people together, in your storytelling, be sure to highlight examples of the shared experiences and/or values that help to form this community. Record a spoken draft of your new Story of Us of ~ 3-5 minutes in length.

Share Your Work then Provide Reflections to Your Partner...

After posting your two recordings to this discussion, make a commitment to return to the person you were paired with this week and, by end of day Monday, July 3, briefly comment on how they moved their anecdote towards a story in this draft. Additionally, please address the following:

What is compelling about this Story of Us?

In what ways do you feel connected to their anecdote or reflections as a listener?

Do you see connections to their story of self?


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