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Peer Group Presentation - COV: North Commons Park Plan

I am intentionally not providing you with a template for this presentation. Instead, I'd like to see you put your creative and critical thinking skills to work. Really imagine that Paul wants to hire a consulting team to support his project. He'll contextualize the work to date, its overarching aims, stakeholders, strengths, and challenges. Your team's job is to interpret what you hear using the various principles, processes, and tools you've engaged with throughout this course. If helpful, consider the following prompts to get you going:

  • What is your understanding of the North Commons Park project?

  • What about the particular context in which it sits? (Geographically, culturally, historically, etc.)

  • What does this work aim to achieve? Put another way, what kind of transformational change does it aspire to realize?

  • What is working? Not working?

  • Which system levers are ripe for engagement?

  • What strategies do you propose to amplify the project's strengths and overcome challenges? Why?

  • How will you integrate creative practices? Why?

  • What resources might you need to realize your vision?

Proposal Elements for Peer Team Presentation

1. Describe the overall situation and context of this project. What underlying story does

this currently tell and aspire to tell?

2. What is the overarching aim of this project? Put differently, what kind of transformational

change is aspired to?

3. Who are the key stakeholders currently involved with this work? Are any key actors

missing? Who? Who or why not?

4. What challenges hinder this vision from being realized? What opportunities have yet to

be fully realized?

5. As a consulting team how would you propose to support Paul and others to address

these challenges and leverage these opportunities, in order to enable the project to

move forward and realize its aims. ?

6. If you were to consult with this project how much time would you need to realize the

process outlined in Q5?

7. What team is needed to advance this approach? What key roles do you anticipate?

8. Given the process, timeline, and number of people you would need to involve, and other

factors you might want to consider, how much would you charge to undertake this work?

Justify your budget.


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